Back to the hack. But safety first.

COVID-19 is still happening. Although restrictions have eased down, we’re still struggling with a pandemic. With COVID-19 in the background affecting and influencing our every decision, we need to make some pretty tough calls that will, however, translate in a safe hacking environment. So, what are we going to do?

Vaccination certificate required for all participants

To have the highest level of control over the safety of our event, we’ve decided to make vaccination a participation condition. That being said, if you want to jump into the hacking game, you’ll have to provide proof of full vaccination. For the certification to be valid for HackTM 2021, the second dose of the vaccine needs to have been completed within at least 10 days prior to the event.

Without the vaccination certification, you won’t be able to enter the venue. We prefer that you bring the certificate in a digital format.

Although we’re aware that in certain conditions negative test results and proof of having been through COVID-19 are good safety measures, we have assessed, after in-depth consideration, that a multiple-day event such as HackTM would be safest among vaccinated participants.

Keep the safety distance, hack the extra mile

While all participants, volunteers and organizers who will attend the event will be vaccinated, we’ll logistically plan for a distance-safe venue layout. We’ll also provide disinfectants and ensure participants have all resources needed to maintain a clean, healthy environment to hack the extra mile.

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